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About TranSPAmation
TranSPAmation is your personal transformation combined with pampering and honoring who you are on the outside after you evolve on the inside.

Are you going through a transformations in your life? Or are you ready to?Relationship? Career? Finances,? Spirituality?

This is a company of resources for helping you through it to be better, bolder, and even more beautiful inside and out. A place to embrace who you are, empower your evolution, and emerge as the best version of you!Dedicated to making a difference , transforming the world, through transforming each of you.

Step into your greatness. Let us lead and empower you to unleash your personal power, show up in style, and confidently own your space. 

Go from Now to WOW with our proven TranSPAmation programs. 
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Karen is a professional woman and Wellness Consultant.
Beautiful on the outside, and even more beautiful on the inside.
Phyllis Benstein, Now to WOW!
CEO TranSPAmation, Speaker, Author, Consultant

Leading and empowering others to unleash their personal power, show up in style, and confidently own their space. 

Phyllis Benstein’s mission is to serve others by helping them transform on the inside, step into their greatness, and out with confidence and a personal image that fits their personality, lifestyle and environment. 

Phyllis combines 30 years of experience from Modeling, Make- up Artist, Electrical Engineering, Program Management, Mom, and Entrepreneur to create her company TranSPAmation. 

Phyllis helps men and women take their business or careers to the next level as well as their fashion and beauty.

Phyllis is a Best Selling Author , Speaker, and Image Consultant. She additionally is a founding director with Jewell handbags. 

Learn more during Phyllis' recent interview on The Blog Talk Radio Show "In Other Words" 

On the Show "The Resilient Brain, w Kathy Kitts"
"Where Image and Science Meet..Is there Anything in Common?
Ready to develop and step into your greatness , with that ROCKIN image to match?? Listen to the replay on The Resilient Brain Radio show today with myself and fellow CEO Space member Kathy Kitts. 

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